Marshland Hall and Tea Room



10th December 2019

Wow, what a night last night! To every single person who came along to support the hall and raise money for a village defibrillator...THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for bearing with us as I tried to make sure everyone had a seat. From the 'VIPs' on the stage to the lovely ladies almost in the kitchen, we managed to get everybody in the queue inside and didn't have to turn anyone away that had been waiting. Thank you for your understanding as I temporarily turned the men's loos into women's ones to ease your waiting time, and for letting the pregnant lady jump the queue before it was too late! Thank you for parting with your hand earned cash to spend the evening with us, for waiting as our wonderful volunteers tried to serve you as quickly as possible - both with tickets and with mince pies! Thank you for the cash donations, in particular a large donation received from Michael Smith. Thank you to all the volunteers who generously give up their time to help each month. A special thanks to Carol who baked cakes yesterday (they were lovely!), and her daughter who stays behind each month to shift those heavy tables and clear up. We are lucky to have the help, and this makes each event possible.

Last night you spent £2,000 which after costs for prizes and staff etc leaves us with close to £1200 towards the purchase of a defibrillator at last! Finally a personal thank you from me for coming and supporting us this year. It was my last bingo at Marshland Hall last night and I have had so much fun organising them for you all. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Tracy x