Marshland Hall and Tea Room


We miss you all

6th June 2020

Hello everyone
My apologies for the looonnnggg delay since my last blog!
How are you all? My what an unprecedented time we are living in! I often feel like I can't quite believe Covid-19 is happening, it feels like I'm living in a film script! I hope you are all staying safe, whether you are a key worker, working from home, homeschooling, we miss each and every one of you while the hall is closed and we hope you are all coping ok. The hall and tearoom have been shut since Monday 16th March. The staff and treasured volunteers are staying in touch with each other via WhatsApp. We share stories of our childrens activities, dog walking, cross stitch projects and those trips when we have 'ventured out'! The community bookshelf from within the hall is slowly being emptied each week; please help yourself to the free books and puzzles left in the box by our front door. We can't wait until we can safely reopen for you. We'll keep you posted, there are updates about bits and bobs on our Facebook and 'Nextdoor' accounts. Stay safe everyone, love from Kat and all the staff and volunteers xx