Marshland Hall and Tea Room


June's Bingo Night

12th June 2019
June's Bingo Night

We had a lovely night at this month's bingo, albeit after a slightly shaky start when our bingo caller rang in poorly, and our numbers checker and ticket and raffle sellers couldn't make it! We were 4 ladies down with half an hour to start and it seemed as though I would be calling the numbers, checking them, as well as selling all bingo books and raffle tickets! The day was saved with Pete (one of our regular bingo-goers) who offered to be my caller for the night in exchange for a cup of tea and a slice of cake - sold! Our lovely books seller then turned up who was planning on making it after all, and then our raffle ticket seller also came along. The day was saved, and that only left me with the job of numbers checker to cover. It was a busy night as always but we had lots of lovely prizes and £80 in prize money to give away, as well as our usual raffle and our tombola - which sold out within half an hour. We raised over £320 for the hall too, so all in all it was a very successful night. Thanks to everyone that comes along each month to support the bingo, and to all of our volunteers, as we couldn't do it without you.

Til next time,